CentralIX Internet Exchange policy is open. CentralIX Internet Exchange a commercial Internet Exchange owned by ColocationIX an EU/German company. CentralIX Internet Exchange is managed neutrally with respect to carriers, ISPs and co-location providers. These three types of organisations can all have commercial relationships with the CentralIX Internet Exchange, or with the IXP's customers.

The circuits that may be used to gain access to the CentralIX Internet Exchange Point can be purchased from different carriers. Route servers used for public peering will be provided by the CentralIX Internet Exchange.

By enabling traffic to take a shorter path to many ISP networks, the CentralIX Internet Exchange can improve the efficiency of the Internet, resulting in a better service for the end user. Furthermore, since many networks have more than one connection to the Internet. As it is not unusual to find several routes to the same network available at an IXP, thus providing a certain amount of redundancy.

ColocationIX is the inventor of CentralIX and is head quartered in Bremen, Germany. It is focused on providing high quality, redundant and resilient services to its customers.

The contents published on the websites owned by CentralIX are merely for the information purposes. CentralIX assumes no liability for the contents of external links for which solely the external provider is responsible.

In case our Internet offer provides the option to enter personal or business data (e.g. e-mail addresses, names, addresses), it is deemed to be agreed that the user expressly voluntarily reveals such data.

Company details:
by ColocationIX GmbH
Wachtstr. 17-24
28195 Bremen

Represented by: Hedda Hauschild
Phone: +49 421 333 88-0
Fax: +49 421 333 88-33

Registered in Bremen
Registration Number: HRB 27349
Vat Number: DE279700349
Court of registry: Bremen

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