Peering Principles


CentralIX Internet Exchange policy is open. CentralIX Internet Exchange a commercial Internet Exchange owned by ColocationIX an EU/German company. CentralIX Internet Exchange is managed neutrally with respect to carriers, ISPs and co-location providers. These three types of organisations can all have commercial relationships with the CentralIX Internet Exchange, or with the IXP's customers.

The circuits that may be used to gain access to the CentralIX Internet Exchange Point can be purchased from different carriers. Route servers used for public peering will be provided by the CentralIX Internet Exchange.

By enabling traffic to take a shorter path to many ISP networks, the CentralIX Internet Exchange can improve the efficiency of the Internet, resulting in a better service for the end user. Furthermore, since many networks have more than one connection to the Internet. As it is not unusual to find several routes to the same network available at an IXP, thus providing a certain amount of redundancy.

ColocationIX is the inventor of CentralIX and is head quartered in Bremen, Germany. It is focused on providing high quality, redundant and resilient services to its customers. ColocationIX will enter into a peering relationship if such a relationship will be for the benefit to the Internet-Community to ColocationIX and/or its customers.

CentralIX is looking for:

  • Low latency
  • Low packet losses
  • High stability

CentralIX approach is:

  • Direct peering to eliminate other factors
  • Redundancy by peering in different locations
  • Deliver traffic as direct as possible
  • Deliver traffic inside EU for EU endpoints
  • Prefer high-speed Internet on Optical Networks

CentralIX provides services at:

  • ColocationIX Data Center, Wachtstrasse 17-24, Germany
  • ColocationIX Data Center, Calvinstrasse 26, Germany

All Connections are based on 10Gbit/s or multiple of 10Gbit/s

This statement of the principles serves as a general guideline of CentralIX’s technical and operational requirements for peering partners that wish to peer with CentralIX’s ASXXX IP network. However, CentralIX is under no obligations as a result of providing this document. Furthermore, each request to peer will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Technical and Operational Requirements

In order for a interested parties to connect to the CentralIX Internet Exchange the following requirements need to be met by the potential peering partner:

  • Peer may only send traffic for prefixes announced by CentralIX Internet Exchange or its Members
  • Setting default-routes or last resort towards us or other Members is not permitted
  • Exhibit and enforce strict filtering policies to prevent route leaks
  • Routes must be registered at any well-known IRR (e.g. RIPE/RADB) using a route object. (We reserve the right to filter based on those database.)
  • Operate a professionally managed 24x7 NOC and provide CentralIX with all contact details concerning this NOC
  • PeeringDB information should be up to date: http://www.peeringdb.com/view.php?asn=xxxx
  • Agree to cooperate in resolving security incidents and other operational problems
  • Not abuse the peering relationship by engaging in activities such as: pointing a default route or otherwise forwarding traffic for destinations not explicitly advertised, resetting next-hop, selling or giving next hop to others
  • Demonstrate good faith efforts in facilitating communication regarding network maintenance with regard to the traffic exchange
  • Requesting Peering at CentralIX

    Interested Members shall send a written peering application to sales@CentralIX.net if they meet the above requirements, with the following information:

    • Peering-point(s)
    • Your IP-address
    • Your AS
    • Your AS-set
    • Your recommended prefix limit: (Optional)
    • MD5-password: (Optional)
    • Your contact-data (email, phone, contact persons; available 24/7)

    Note that ColocationIX Internet Exchange Peering Committee:

    • Will not setup trial peering
    • Reserves the right to make exceptions to the policy
    • Reserves the right (not) to peer regardless of requirements being met
    • Reserves the right to terminate peering immediately in case of abuse
    • Retains the right to protect its network from any abuse of the peering link(s) from its peering partner(s)

    General Information

    Prior to connect signing a Contract between CentralIX Internet Exchange is required before the Member can connect.

    CentralIX Peering Committee will review this statement of principles periodically to ensure that the eligibility requirements are consistent with CentralIX Internet Exchange needs.

    CentralIX reserves the rights to change this document at any time.

    The team of CentralIX will buy peers lunch if you visit CentralIX headquarter in Bremen, Germany.